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"Space Cadet", mobile phones, and the "Sons of Martha"

At a recent convention auction I picked up a nice hard cover edition of Robert A. Heinlein's "Space Cadet". Now, this is a 1948 novel which in the 1st few pages has this line of dialogue:

"Your folks always worry, don't they? I fooled mine - packed my phone in my bag."

Not only did Heinlein anticipate mobile phones, he anticipated people trying to not use them, ie the social consequences of mobiles. Quite a neat trick that.

But it recently got me thinking about the people who can't turn them off. In my personal experience this is IT people doing on call support, a bullet I've so far managed to dodge by resolutely avoiding anything technical. :) 

I'm sure it also applies (and doubly so mores the pity) to any number of emergency services people.

In many ways these poor souls are Kipling's "Sons of Martha" of the modern world.

If you know, or depend on, anyone like this, spare a thought for them. 

Better yet, do as I did and buy them one of these.

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