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Various Photos

I thought I'd steal an idea from 

dalekboyand post some of the photos I use as a slideshow for my screensaver. The images and commentary are under the cut, and clicking on them will open the larger version in the galleries.


First up is a sunset (I'm rather fond of sunset photos as it happens) taken from the cockpit of a 767 on its way to Singapore from Perth. This was in April 2001 and I doubt that I'll ever get an opportunity like that again. I tilted the camera about 30 degrees to get that cloud line angled just right

Next up is a photo from May 2002 of a tram running through Royal Park. I rather like the composition of this - the V shape of the trees centring on the tram with the skyline directly behind it works well.

This next one is from July 2001. Taken at the Australian War Memorial this view down the length of the WWI Roll of Honour is both beautiful and harrowing.

When I was commuting to Adelaide I occasionally took the Overland instead of flying. In April 2002 I got this interesting shot of Bridgewater station as the train flew by.

Speaking of Adelaide, one afternoon I went down to Glenelg and picked up some beautiful sunset shots. This first one (using a sepia setting on the camera) is also my desktop image. And yes, I picked my shooting spot fairly carefully for this one. :)

A little later I walked out onto the pier and managed to snag this in that one moment when the sun has just disappeared beneath the horizon. I love the rich colours of this one.

I don't often do small scale photos but here's one from the Himeji Garden in Adelaide that I rather like:

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