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Trike Tales and stuff.

Finally managed to replace the battery in the cycle computer today. I'm discovering that the livejournal is useful for remembering things like the wheel size when I need to reprogam said computer. Of course not having readings for a couple of weeks means that, officially, I didn't even manage 5000Km this year. At least not according to BikeJournal (where I am also using the arcadiagt5 handle).

Whilst I probably did manage 5000KMs it was a lot less than I was hoping for this year (some nasty bouts of flu and the knee didn't help). I'm not sure what to think about riding a quarter of this years total in one month.

I have spare tubes again, which is a relief. I've also bought new SPD pedals that I can add toeclips to the other side. Once I've got that set up I'll be able to ride in ordinary shoes as well as the cycling shoes. Trust me on this, toe clips are the minimum for a trike like mine, and clipless better still (the words "leg suck" spring to mind), but there are times when cleated shoes (or sandals) aren't appropriate or necessary.

And whilst I was out spending money I bought a new pair of lightweight riding gloves for summer weather. Of course this means that I'm assuming that summer like weather is on the way which is entirely unjustified based on the weather thus far in December.
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