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Snarky Observations from the weekend

Does anyone remember this 100 Days post by dalekboy? Its about the evils of DVD marketing, in particular versions and extras. Well I've just encountered a nasty example of the breed, one sure to infuriate angriest and any other West Wing fans reading this. I was always slightly irritated by the fact that the West Wing DVDs that I was borrowing didn't have any extras at all.

None. Zero. Nada. Zip.

I just bought the complete box which contains a double disc of extras, a printed script of the pilot and a little episode guide booklet so you can look up the synopsis of an episode without removing the first or last disc of a season from its case. If I'd bought the individual seasons and then discovered this...

Oh, and I just saw a poster for a live action Disney movie (Enchanted I think) featuring a CGI furry mascot who no doubt will wisecrack all through the movie just like the ones in the animated movies. My immediate reaction? At last the real reason for Disney buying Pixar is revealed!
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