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Monthly meme

Nicked from various peoples, most recently possbert.

A year in review: From your journal, copy and paste the first sentence/paragraph from the first entry from every month of the year.

January: Spent a quiet but very pleasant New Year's Eve with some friends followed by packing and the red eye (the only direct flight from Perth to Canberra) this morning.

February: Just saw this on the Greenspeed owners page:

March: Currently I'm sitting in my hotel room in Sydney close to the international airport. I'll get up at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning so that I can have breakfast and still check in early enough to ensure that I won't have any trouble with the trike.

April: I don't normally follow sport but I woke up early and was channel surfing a bit this morning. Along the way I caught the end of the Australian innings against Bangladesh.

May: Fair... especially given how much of it I drink. :)

June: I saw the last episode this morning before work. Spoiler free reactions above the cut, one major, major, spoiler beneath the cut.

July: The anime storytelling style is often very different to that of western visual media. Many of the differences focus on a more gradual build up of the universe in which the story is being told, and more time spent developing the characters.

August: I'm currently reading this book by the late Antony Preston, who appears to have been a very impressive naval historian (judging by the Wikipedia page I linked to).

September: On Saturday I ran into </a></font></b></a>lilysea whilst we were both shopping for energy efficient lightbulbs. I also bought a pair of regulars in case the twisty flouro bulbs didn't fit (they did). In the course of our pleasant chat covetous eyes were cast upon my trailer. :)

October: This is just priceless:

November: So, I was sitting in the right hand lane at a set of traffic lights this morning signalling to turn right.

December: And with that in mind, happy birthday to </a></font></b></a>cheshirenoirand </a></font></b></a>darklion!

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