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Opening and closing songs in Anime

One of the peculiar characteristics of anime series is a tendency towards opening and closing songs*. I'm mostly talking about series here, it is by no means unusual for movies from any culture to at least end with a theme song of some sort, and certainly not unheard of as openings either. But consider if you will the number of western TV series, particularly SF series, that open or close with songs - to be honest I can't actually think of any offhand.

I'm not musical by any stretch of the imagination but I did start wondering recently about the challenges involved in composing a complete song that is constrained by the time limits of the credits - which is probably thirty seconds to a minute tops.

And then to consider how many series have truly outstanding opening and ending credit songs. It isn't a short list - some of my favourites include I don't need a promise (Vision of Escaflowne), the first opening to Card Captor Sakura, Blue Flow (the end theme to Haibane Renmei) and about the only thing I like about Eva which is the opening (although how much of that is due to seeing Ippongi Bang perform it live at Swancon, twice, is a good question).

So, what do people think? Easier? Harder? Leave a screened comment with your favourite three songs and I'll tally up the votes and post a list later. :)

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